Lisaan ud da’wat Classes (12 Sessions) SPACES AVAILABLE!!

New Lisaan ud da’wat Classes From Monday 12th February 2018

Salam un Jameel

New Lisaan ud dawat learning classes in Feb !!











Al Jamea tus Saifiyah Library is launching ‘ LEARN LISAAN UD DA’WAT IN 12 SESSIONS’ Programme.
Lisaan ud-Da’wat is fundamental to the expression of our culture as a means by which our Fatemi values, Aqeeda (beliefs) and Rusumaat (traditions) are conveyed through Bayan, Waaz & Sabaqs and preserved through our Dawat Publications.
Thus Lisaan ud-Da’wat is the most important part of our being.

For more info please watch video by clicking on link below:
For full video: (6mins)

To enrol please register on the link below:

In PDF format:

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For more info or to enrol visit our website or call Sk Shabbir Fakhri 07875300852
May Allah grant our beloved Maula tus a long & prosperous life. AMEEN.Shukran Jazilan
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