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Taalim ul Quran e Majeed Classes (8 Sessions) 

January 2017 Class

…I learned a lot and I also met new friends. Now I can read the Quran with great confidence, and above all,  the importance of the words, because as Mollah TUS tells us, when reading the quran we must have tears in our eyes. I have this feeling and feel the power of Allah swt. The most important thing is that I have fulfilled Aqua Mollah TUS kushi …
Zahabiyaben Mnyusiwala…a well conducted online course. You guided us through the lessons with knowledge and enthusiasm. I learned valuable lessons about reciting Quran e Majeed and have a much better platform for further progress.
Mohammedbhai Norway

…before I started taking the lessons out of 28 Hurufs may be I pronounced 10 correctly but after taking the lessons I can pronounce properly
Ruqaiyaben Morbiwala

…Honestly speaking, when I started the  classes, I was a bit sceptical as to how would we be able to learn reciting Quran in such short span of time. But all the big and small details covered by you throughout the sessions were remarkable. I definitely feel more confident now…
Muniraben Nagpurwala

I now feel more confident and with practice inshallah I will be able to pray more fluently and start hifzing as wel,l inshallah
Rashidaben Abdulali

The classes helped in clear understanding of the sounds associated with different alphabets and techniques to produce those sounds. It introduced us to the Misri method of reciting the Quran and this is the  preference by our beloved Moula. It emphasised on the modulation of voice to make it IMG_8725soothing for the listener. Overall the online experience created a good learning environment with excellent deliverance.                                                        Dr Kassambhai  BehrainwalaIMG_0987



I would like to give 5 star review for the Taalim Ul Quran classes all were done on time and full material provided with various aspects such as hard copy, soft copy and sharing from your screen. The connectivity was easy once understood how it needs to be done.  Moizbhai  Dalal

…incredibly motivating and educational sessions. We all thought IMG_0379

we knew how to recite Quran, but now have the tools and knowledge to really answer Moula TUS call to hifz Quran and to recite correctly.  Dr Husein Salem

I found it really useful and is given me the courage to try and do IMG_0171hifz eventually. I like that it was like a crash course so you don’t lose momentum. I think class size was nice, it was big enough for variety and to maintain but small enough so u could help us all individually and we didn’t get lost in the crowd. Zainabben Abdeali

IMG_0267It was an invaluable course, I believe everyone should do it and benefit from it.

Saminaben Jodiyawala


It was an excellent experience IMG_9847learning with you.. I’ll recommend you inshallah and I hope other would get the optimum benefit of this course like I did…

Maryamben Mukarram

IMG_0363It was excellent but very intensive. Perhaps 2hr sessions would be more effective. Shk Shabbir bhai is an excellent tutor. I say 2hrs coz 1 hr teaching and 2nd hr for practice and learning to embed the phonics and correct pronunciations. Our group was very good mix. Zakirbhai Zaveri


Thank you very much for the excellent Taalim ul Quran sessions.  I am really happy that I participated in these sessions as I gained a lot of knowledge.  I am now able to rectify the common errors I used to make while reciting Quran shariff.  The inter-active sessions gave us the opportunity to have one to one tutoring.  I would definitely recommend these sessions to all mumineen as a refresher course too.  JazakAllah khair for all your efforts.     Nafisa Noorali