Rasulullah (saw) Stated that:-

Seeking of al Ilm is obligatory to all Muslim and and Muslemah.

Ilm talab karwu har muslim mard ane muslemah bairo par farz che

Course Structure

Al Jamea tus Saifiyah Library has initiated morning & evening Quran e Majid and Language classes for all Misaqwala Mumineen and Muminaat,

Study in a fun and interactive environment, using the latest technologies.

1. Quran e Majid Learning

2. Language Learning Centre

Taught by qualified teachers from Al Jamea tus Saifiyah & Mumineen.

For Classes Day & Time please click here

You will be able to apply online, by email:  library@jameasaifiyahtrust.co.uk, by phone: 020 3674 4844 or in person and secure a place.

You can attend the first language class for FREE and then enroll if you wish to continue.

For Basic computer skills classes, Web designing & Microsoft office programmes, Please enroll here