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Quran e Majid Learning

The Golden era of al-Dai al-Mutlaq Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin (TUS) has graced us with in-numerous imami shanaat just as predicted by his predecessor  al-Dai al-Mutlaq Syedna Taher Saifuddin (RA). The impossible has become possible and the unattainable has been attained. The Learning and Hifz of Quran e Majid is amongst them.

Maula’s wish that every member of our community rise in the knowledge and memorization of Quran e Majid is becoming a reality, By his initiating the lofty Idara of Mahaduz Zahra (Al Jamea tus Saifiyah) and blessing it with his sheer benevolence and grace with has illuminated us with the beacon of optimism, enthusiasm & barakaat in procuring this knowledge.

Al Jamea tus Saifiyah Library (London) and Qa’atul Quran al Majeed (London) has aimed to spread the vision of our beloved Maula tus and contribute in the spiritual enhancement of Mumineen, Muminaat of London.

Our objective is summed up in the following words of al-Dai al-Mutlaq Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin (tus):


 Ld Quran classes brochure

Amiril Mumineen  (AS)  farmawe che:-

Quran e Majeed Khuda taala  na doon har cheez karta afzal che

(Al Quran is the superior of all things beside Allah.)

Mamlook e Aale Mohammed taakid karu chu Mumineen, muminaat ehna farzando Quran e Majid sikhe, tarteel ane tajweed si parhe ane Quran e Majid imkaan thai to hifz kare


Al Dai al-Ajal Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin (tus) in his bayan urging mumineen muminaat of all ages to pursue Learning of Quran e Majeed and its memorization stated:-

Daarhi na baal bhi safed thai jai to bhi Quran ni taalim si mehrum naa rahe

We should endeavour for Hifz ul Quran because:

  • Learning of Quran e Majid is a must to all Mumineen, Muminaat & Farzando. Rasulullah (SAW) has said that Quran e Majid will enter into the qabr (grave) of a mumin and safeguards him from Munkar Nakeer.
  • Recitation of Quran e Majid eradicates poverty
  • Hifz of Quran e Majid safeguards one’s own self. .
  • It is Taa’t (Obedience) to Maula’s (tus) wish and quidance, Thus bringing Maula’s (tus) Khushi.
  • It will enhance Arabic reading and understanding.


Quran e Majid Learning Course Structure

We have introduced 2 courses

  1. Taalim ul Quran e Majeed:  Learning basic Quran e Majid reciting in 8 hourly sessions. Learning the Arabic alphabetical letters (Huruf) & vowels (Eraab), its pronunciations (Makhaarij) and reciting joined words.  Correction of sounds of Arabic alphabetical letters (Huruf) & vowels (Eraab) and its pronunciations (Makhaarij). Increasing Recitation speed.

For the above courses an evaluation test will be taken to determine the level of the applicant and he or she will be advised to a befitted course.

2. Hifz Programme: Memorise Quran e Majid  at your own pace.

Hifz is Easy: A Motivational Session which you must attend to start Hifz

Dates & Timings will be announced

Tasmee: (The facility to get your Hifz heard)

Tasmee sessions in Library will be Tuesdays & Thursdays 5pm -6pm or Online

Hifz till Surah al Balad.

Those pursuing Amma Sipara and above will apply in Qa’atul Quran e majeed programme.

Qa’atul Quran e majeed programme

This is a one to one course. All enrolled in Quran e Majeed Hifz programme will be evaluated in the Surah they already know and then advised accordingly. A Hifz Manual A timetable will be designed to help in reaching the target in Hifz.  Quran e Majeed audio (Al Mushaful al Murattil or al Mushaful Muallim 30 Siparo) can be purchased from the Library Bookstore.

Memorizing can be done in Library or at home.

Each person enrolled will be assigned with a teacher who will evaluate him/her every week in the Qa’at ul Quran.

Those who have memorised till Surah al Balad will be giving Mahaduz Zahra ikhtibar (Evaluation test) locally and will receive Surah Balad Hifz Sanad from Mahaduz Zahra (Al Jamea tus Saifiyah).

Those who have memorised Amma Sipara will be forwarded to Mahaduz Zahra (Al Jamea tus Saifiyah) for  ikhtibar (Evaluation test)  and will  receive Amma Hifz Sanad from Mahaduz Zahra

A nominal hub raqam is applied to cover costs of  Audio & other necessary material can be obtained at a nominal fee. The whole course details can be acquired from the Library.

Quran e Majeed Class timetable for Shawwal-Zilqada 1434H. Click here

For enrolling in Quran e Majeed Class online please click here

You will be able to apply online, by email: library@jameasaifiyahtrust.co.uk, by phone: 020 36 744 844 during Library hours or in person and secure a place.