Services & Facilities

Library Reception & Leisure Reading Area

Reception and leisure reading area
Reception and leisure reading area

A nice cosy area for a quick browse. This area contains,

  • Reception Desk
  • Daily & weekly newspapers, magazines, journals & publications
  • Coffee table books
  • New arrivals
  • Odd-sized books

Library Reading Room

Library bookshelves and free reading area
Library bookshelves and free reading area
Study carrels
Study carrels






Our main reading room is equipped with,

  • Reference books for research in Islamic Education. It deals with all subjects i.e. philosophy, theology, history etc.
  • Books on our faith,
  • Books on general knowledge and fiction,
  • Publications of Wazarat (Manshuraats), Akhbar of Aqa Moula (TUS) (Misaal), Community Magazines (Naseem-e-Sahar and Badre Muneer) and Al Jamea publications in Lisan ud-Dawat and English,
  • Thesis and essays,
  • Specialized books, essays and other materials on Fatimid era (Aimmat Fatemiyeen AS),
  • Study guides for Students sitting for GCSE exams.

We have a lot of books in Self Development, Business and Home Sciences (eg. cooking, knitting, sewing etc).

Study carrels are available for those wanting a quiet peaceful environment, or for those studying away from home.

Audiovisual section

  • A collection of educational video and audio cassettes, Quran-e-Majeed and Aqa Moula’s (TUS) kalemaat nuraniyah and Sautul Imaan,
  • Photo library,
  • CDs & DVDs on many different subjects.

Language Lab

Quran e Majeed & Language Learning Class
Quran e-Majeed & Language Learning Class

A warm nice environment for learning with,

  • Whiteboard,
  • Internet access with broadband access,
  • Projection facilities,
  • Learning recitation of Quran e-Majeed



Language lab
Language lab

Language Lab

  • Arabic
  • Lisanud dawat
  • French



IT Courses

  • Basic computer skills,
  • Microsoft Office programmes,
  • Web design,
  • eBay,
  • Help with your new laptop or tablet.

Other Facilities


Photocopying & Printing



Other Activities

  • Displays and exhibits,
  • Seminars and discussions,
  • Bookshop,
  • Information and announcement board.